Best free remote access tool

What is the best free remote access tool? There are lot of similar software, but TeamViewer is one of the best we have ever used.

Have you ever been in situation when your friend needs help with his computer, but you can’t physically be there? Telling him what to do on phone not always work, so you can tell him to download little tool and ask the numbers shown on his screen. Then you can remote access his computer and take full control of it. You can control computer keyboard, mouse and see his screen. TeamViewer is very easy to use, and works on all versions of Windows, no need any router configuration. It is a free software for personal usage only.

TeamViewer 10 QuickSupport (for users that need help) –  Download

All user have to do is just launch QuickSupport and tell you the numbers on the screen (ID and password).

TeamViewer 10 (for administrator) –  Download

After download open the file and install or just run (it have portable option too), enter the friend ID and password. That’s it you gained remote access to his computer.

You may wonder why it is the best tool? Here some very good advantages over other similar software:

  • Ability to reboot a computer into Safe Mode and then automatically reconnect.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • No router configuration needed.
  • You can remotely upload some files to controlled computer.


There are lots of more features, but main purpose to is gain remote access and it does it very well.  Enjoy.


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