Disable Windows 10 upgrade notification easily

Want to disable Windows 10 upgrade notification? This free tool lets you remove it with only few mouse clicks. It also could free up to 6 GB of disk space.

There are lot of guides how to disable Windows 10 upgrade notification , but they are more technical and not always working right. We decided to share with you some very helpful tool from Win10wiwi.com site. It not only deletes Windows 10 upgrade notification, but also pre-downloaded Windows 10 files and even some trackers that log and report your behavior.

Win10wiwi –  Download

Run the tool, accept the agreement, then click “Click here to uninstall Windows 10 patches”. Then restart your computer, keep in mind it will be longer than usual. The “Expert mode” setting allows you to write back Windows 10 notifications.

Please note: You could have false alert with some antivirus programs. We assure you it does not harm your computer in any way.


Congratulations you successfully managed to disable Windows 10 upgrade notification only with few mouse clicks.


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