Free driver installation tools

Tired of finding drivers after Windows installation? These free driver installation tools may save your time.

First and most important step is to have internet connection in your computer. In later Windows versions it will automatically install your LAN card driver, but in some cases it will not. You can easily install almost any LAN (ethernet) or Wi-fi (wireless) card drivers with free portable tool called 3DP NET. Just copy this tool to your computer, where the drivers are needed. Just after few clicks you will have the internet connection.

3DP NET 1.8 –  Download

When you have the internet connection now, you could use Windows update feature. But most of the times it still leaves some devices without drivers. In that case you could use the other free tool. It allows you to scan and install missing or outdated drivers just with few mouse clicks.

Snappy Driver Installer 1.9 –  Download

One of the best free, portable and simple tool to install your system drivers.

SlimDrivers 2.3 –  Download

Another great tool, it’s only disadvantage is lack of portability. After the installation you can scan your system, then you can select what drivers you want to install. Just follow on screen dialogs to complete.

Those free driver installation tools could save you a lot of time. Enjoy!

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