Solving black screen on Windows load problem

This article is about solving black screen on Windows load problem. During the boot Windows just reboots or freezes with blank screen.

Mostly it allows to restart or shut down only with buttons on computer case. There could be numerous reasons and we describe the most common solutions. First you may try to look at the most basic guide: Computer does not start? Simple steps to check for problems.

Automatic Windows repair

After several failed boots Windows system have some additional modes to help user out. This automatic repair tools exists in Windows 7 and higher versions. In other Windows versions select command line tool and type this command “chkdsk /f C:” (C: is your Windows partition letter) and then hit “Enter“. Wait the scan to complete and the try to restart your computer. For Windows Xp you must use repair disk in order to enter command line tool.

Loading into safe mode

If automatic repair fails to solve the issue, try to boot Windows into safe mode (pressing F8 key before Windows boot or selecting form repair mode menu). If it loads, you could try to remove some newly installed drivers, applications to rule out the causes. Also we have to try to repair Windows  system integrity (if it is the case). Right click on the start menu and select “Command prompt (admin)“, now type this command “sfc /scannow” and hit “Enter“. It may require multiple times to repeat this command, until you see “Windows did not find any integrity violations” message after scan.

Scanning for viruses

We can’t rule out virus infection. Try few different free antivirus / anti-malware scanners, only Malwarebytes Anti-Malware requires installation:

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.2 –  Download

Kaspersky virus removal tool –  Download

McAfee Stinger –  Download

Norton power eraser –  Download

If it still fails to solve black screen boot error, continue to next possible solution.

Reinstalling operating system

Before making this step please read this post: Basic steps before reinstalling Windows.

After you make your data backup lets try to reinstall your system. Most of the times it will resolve the issue. In some rare cases it may still freeze to black screen. That is when we found out that it is hardware related issue for sure. Read more here: Basic computer diagnostic tools for detecting faulty hardware.

Last resort solutions

We have tried every possible software related solution and didn’t find the case, so we started looking into the hardware. Surprisingly we found out that in some cases there was the motherboard’s fault. That makes no sense at first, how could motherboard see the Windows disk, start to load but then crashes? We tried to enter the motherboard’s boot menu and select disk to load (same disk where Windows system is located) it booted fine. The problem occurs only when motherboard boots automatically. So after re-flashing BIOS, operating system booted fine. In some cases we also had to replace CMOS battery on the motherboard too.


If after all those steps you still face the problem, most likely you must have to replace some hardware components. Try replacing your graphics card, ram or your hard disk drive. If you still have not managed to solve the black screen problem, leave a comment bellow.

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