Best torrent clients for free in 2016

Looking for best torrent clients for free? Here is the list of the 2016.

The most famous torrent client probably is uTorrent. Everyone knows this name, but when it became very popular, authors started including advertisements and additional software with the client. One of those were “EpicScale” with included Bitcoin miner, it was removed on later versions. But they still include additional “gifts” for the users. That is why we decided not to include it in the best torrent clients download list.

qBittorrent 3.3.4 –  Download

qBittorrent is open source, lightweight and reliable. It has no ads and no malware. Best uTorrent alternative out there.

Deluge 1.3.12 –  Download

Another great is open source torrent client. It lacks some features, but does the job done. Has no ads and bloatware.

Transmission-Qt 2.84.8 –  Download

Transmission’s client unofficial fork for Windows operating system. Clean, simple and light-weight.


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