Disabling Windows 10 spying is impossible?

Ever heard that Windows 10 collects data about their users and send data to Microsoft servers? There are some settings to disable Windows 10 spying, but it is only partial disable.

Microsoft already confirmed that Windows 10 has integrated data collection mechanism. It tracks how operating system works and how users operate it. You can disable some tracking by opening Start menu, then Settings and Privacy. Even if you turn off all available settings, it still have core level tracking. And it can’t be turned off. All your sent data is encrypted, that’s why we can’t tell you what information is shared.

Difference between versions

By installing Windows 10 Home you accept End User Licence Agreement (EULA). It allows Microsoft to use user information for analysis: operating system to control your bandwidth usage, install any software on its own, save your hardware information, even log your browser history and pressed keys. Windows 10 Enterprise is a different story. It was confirmed that Windows 10 Enterprise users will have full control of data collection.

There are possibility to disable tracking by using local account instead of  Microsoft Live account, but you will lack some functionality. There are some tools like “Download Destroy Windows 10 Spying”, but we do not recommended using it. It is unclear what tools like that really do. We also don’t know Microsoft position about it, probably it is illegal to do any modifications.


So disabling Windows 10 spying is impossible? Answer is: not for everyone.

If you are a regular home consumer probably you can’t disable it. Because most likely you upgraded from Windows 7 / Windows 8 to Windows 10 for free and got Windows 10 Home. You could use local account. Using some third party tools, which are not recommended.

If you have Windows 10 Enterprise you should be able to fully disable Windows 10 spying.



There is a way to disable tracking, read more: Disabling spying in Windows systems.

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