Enable Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10

Enable Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10 with simple registry modification.

After Windows 10 clean install there is no more default Windows Photo Viewer that previous versions had. Instead there is Photos app now, which are good, but some people want their old viewer back. Here is the few simple steps to enable Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10 operating system.

Windows 10 Windows Photo Viewer registry enabler –  Download

After downloading reg file open and click yes. Now there should be the Windows Photo Viewer selection when you try to open with option. To make this viewer as a default image viewer, open the “Control Panel”, go to “Default Programs”, now select “Set Default Programs”. Find Windows Photo Viewer in the list, then click on it and choose “Set this program as default”. That’s it, now you have your standard image viewer from previous Windows versions on Windows 10.


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