Finding blue screen of death cause

Finding blue screen of death cause is not an easy task. The Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) occurs when Windows runs into a critical error. Usually it happens randomly, so user can’t figure out blue screen of death cause. These errors not only causes frustration, but can also lead to the loss of important data.

First steps

First and most important task is to check blue screen of death error code. Code could look like 0x00000*** or some similar 10 symbol line. But what does it mean? You can check it on Microsoft official Bug Check Code Reference page. It may gave you some clue what may cause it.

If you can’t identify the cause, try to remember when it started, maybe you installed some software, changed some hardware parts or changed overclocking settings? If so, the casue my be there. Quite common blue screen of death cause is overclocking, if you do not use overclocking just read more.

Software problems

If still you can’t find blue screen of death cause, try to focus on software related causes. Some malware and viruses know to cause BSOD, so try to scan your computer with free antivirus like Bitdefender and malware remowal tools.

Another solution is to use System Restore if you had it enabled. Just roll back to date when no crashes were happen.

Last resort to reinstall your operating system. Be aware to copy all your data before.

Checking hardware

If it is clear that it is not software related you can focus on hardware. There are 3 most common malfunctions which causes BSOD: overheating, bad RAM (random-access memory) or faulty HDD (hard disk drive). How to check your hardware read more: Basic computer diagnostic tools for detecting faulty hardware.


That is the basic diagnostics for finding blue screen of death cause. If you were unable to find solution, please leave a comment with your situation, will try to help you out.


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