Fixing freezing Asus laptop

Fixing freezing Asus laptop is no easy task. There is very much possible reasons for this to happen. We post some of the most common solutions here.

Tired of freezing Asus laptop? It does not even give you blue screen of death, that is why it is hard to detect the cause. Thanks to community, who test every possible cause we manage to solve some of the most common reasons of freezing Asus laptops.

First try booting into safe mode to rule out hardware problem, if it still freeze there you have a hardware problem.

In our case we tested Asus X553M. No matter what Windows version we tried it always had the same random freezing screen issue. The only next step you can make then is holding your power button for few seconds to force shut it down. After testing hard disk, ram, upgrading bios, cleaning vents and checking temperatures we started to focus on drivers. Laptop works ok until we install one of the two remaining drivers: “Bluetooth” and “PCI Encryption/Decryption controller”. Going deeper into most likely it has something to do with “Processor Trusted Execution Engine Interface”. All it does is ensures authenticity of a platform and its operating system, we just want to have operating laptop so we can pass this device from installing. Windows 10 have auto-update feature that’s why you have to disable this controller in the “Device Manager”.

Users reported that other Asus models also have freezing issue. Some have issue when laptop crash when shaking, in this case you have to remount your motherboard and re-tighten the screws. Also common problem with ram timings, motherboard unable to deal with different ram sticks, try changing or swapping those. For Asus G74sx or Asus X83VM the solution was to install ASUS Smart Gesture. Some users claim that Asus X553MA model switching “OS Selection” option in BIOS to “Windows 7” solves the freezing problem even if you still run Windows 8 or Windows 10. Even the some of the new, expensive models like Asus ROG G751 face same problems.


This should help finding your freezing Asus laptop cause, but next time do yourself a favor: stop buying Asus laptops.


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