FIX: Error 32777 – Unable to establish connection with the activation server

Fix the error 32777 “Unable to establish connection with the activation server” Windows Xp.

Usually this error has nothing to do with internet connection itself. You can browse the internet just fine, but when activating Windows Xp it tells you can’t connect to activation server. So, here is the list most of common solutions fixing this problem.

Checking your computer date and time

This is one of the most common solution for error 32777. Make sure your computer date and time are correct. Correct your system date, restart and try activating again. In case you don’t have administrator permissions you may change the date in BIOS or in safe mode. If this step therefore does not resolve the issue or your system’s time is correct, continue to next step.


Updating your system

This step is far more time consuming. Because Windows Xp activation service relies on Internet Explorer, it should update to latest supported version, which is 8.

Internet Explorer 8 32-bit –  Download

Internet Explorer 8 64-bit –  Download

After the install restart you computer and try activating again. If it still does not help try installing the latest service pack SP 3 on your machine.

Now you should be able to get the latest updates through Windows Update page. To update your system:

  • Open “Internet Explorer 8.
  • Now select “Safety” and then “Windows Update“.
  • On the left menu select “Express” option.
  • Wait for the updates to process.
  • Now click “Review and install updates.
  • Now restart your computer and try again.


Changing Certificate Revocation in Internet Explorer

Sometimes above step does not resolve the activation error 32777. In that case, disable certificate revocation options in Internet Explorer:

  • Open “Internet Explorer.
  • Now select “Tools” and then “Internet Options“.
  • Open “Advanced” tab.
  • Find and uncheck “Check for publisher’s certificate revocation” option.
  • Also find and uncheck”Check for server certificate revocation (requires restart)” option.
  • Then click “Apply and Ok.
  • Finally restart your computer.


Activating using telephone method

Last resort would be activating your system using telephone method. Just click the “Telephone” button in the Activate Windows Wizard. Then you will need make a call to Microsoft.


Found another way to solve the error 32777, unable to establish connection with the activation server problem? Leave a comment below.


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