Free tools for bad sectors detection on hard disks

Get free tools for bad sectors detection on hard disks here. Easy to use and effective, one of the tool have ability to scan partitions, making easier to find faulty part of hard disk drive.

Ariolic Disk Scanner 1.6  –  Download

This simple and portable application lets you scan your partitions for bad sectors. It works in background, so you may still work with your Windows during the scan.

HDD Regenerator –  Download

This installer will create bootable USB or CD / DVD disk. It is not completely free, but it will let you scan and find any bad sectors on hard disk.


Bad sectors detection on hard disks may save you some time before replacing your hdd. Bad sectors tend to appear near each other. That’s why you should isolate partition (or part of disk) with bad sectors. And continue using hard drive with regular data backups.

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