Turn off USB power when computer is shut down

Simple steps to turn off USB power when computer is shut down. Tired of lights on your mouse or keyboard when computer is turned off? Here is a simple solution.

Simple solution would be turn off power on PSU (power supply unit) or disconnect the power cord, but it is not convenient. Some motherboards have this feature and will not turn off USB power when is shut down, but it is a rare case. Most modern motherboards have USB settings in BIOS (basic input-output system). Try those steps in order to solve your problem.

  • Enter your computer “BIOS” by pressing F1, F2 or Delete key immediately after system turning on (for some computers needed keys may differ).
  • Navigate to Power management options (again it may differ depending on your actual motherboard, refer to your motherboard’s manual).
  • Disable “Wake by USB“, “Power on by keyboard“, “Power on by mouse” and similar settings.
  • Also disable “USB Charge Technology” or enable “ErP Support” or “EUP Ready” if your motherboard supports it.
  • Save your settings and restart, try turning of your computer now.
  • If you still have lights on, try looking for more USB related settings in your BIOS or your motherboard does not support this feature.


This should turn off USB power when computer is shut down. Have some suggestions? Leave a comment below.

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